Sibil Cairel Carla Ospina Catillo

UP is In



Venezuelan, Plastic Artist and Upcycling Style.

Win prizes and awards in various competitions and art workshops. _My upcycling style were usually discover things that are often overlooked or ignored. Natural materials, containers, even ice cream sticks become highly accurate graphic compositions that still seem spontaneous and very lively.
sometimes I keep painting the common technique of Acrylic.
I started in Germany Freising since 2014 like active artist_ I belong to the art group Freisinger Hobbykunstler e.V
2001 Graphic design._ Maracaibo-Venezuela
2006 Architecture._ Maracaibo-Venezuela

  • 2023-04  New York USA. – Artbox Project NewYork 2.0, Exhibition.
  • 2022-11 Wiesbaden DE. – Vibes in der  Villa Justitia, Exhibition.
  • 2022-07 Königstein DE. – Art-Garten Königstein, Exhibition Together  works  from Meister Salvador Dali.
  • 2022-07 Frankfurt  a.M. DE. –Piere Le Colas, Exhibition Together  works  from Meister Salvador Dali.
  • 2021-06  Zürich.. - Artbox Projects, Galerie, Exhibition
  • 2019-12  Miami EU. - Art Basel, Exhibition Wynwood Art Weeks
  • 2019-09  Freising DE. Landratsamt Marstall - Annual exhibition Grupp Expo
  • 2018-10  Freising DE. Alten Gefängnis - Annual exhibition Grupp Expo/ Title: _Naturvariationen_
  • 2018-03  Freising DE. Atrium Sparkasse Bank - Exhibition Grupp Expo/ Title: _Abstrakte Harmonie_
  • 2017-06  Freising DE. Alten Gefängnis - Exhibition Grupp Expo/ Title: _Kunst im Knast_
  • 2016-10  Freising DE. Caritas Etappe - Exhibition Grupp Expo/ Title: _Dynamik, Takt_
  • 2016-06  Zolling DE. Rathaus Zolling - Exhibition Grupp Expo/ Titel: _Schwung, Dynamik, Takt_
  • 2015-10  Freising DE. Asam-Foyer - Annual exhibition Grupp Expo
  • 2014-10  Freising DE. Asam-Foyer - Annual exhibition Grupp Expo/ Title: _Der rote Faden_
  • 2006-06 Maracaibo - Venezuela. Museo CAM-Lia Bermudez. individual exhibition/ Title: _Seres Minimos_


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