Lea Laboy



An academic oil painter whose works balances between impressionism and minimalism with references to conceptualism. Art theorist, researcher of the development of painting techniques, creator of one's own paint formula. Published in the international press, author of books in the field of art.

Art Education :
Certificate - The Art of Watercolor : Paint Your Vision of the World / David Poxon ri, nws
Certificate - Oil Painting Techniques; Vermeer
Certificate - Oil Painting Techniques; Rembrandt
Certificate - Oil Painting Techniques; El Greco
Certificate - Old Masters Drawing Techniques
Certificate - Rigorous Color Theory for Artists
Certificate - The Laws of Visual Perception: Unit, Weight, Balance and Movement
Certificate - Learning Activity Design for Museum Educators
Certificate - Art Management & Exhibition Design
Certificate - Scenography course for cinema, theater and tv
Course - Russian Avant-Garde: Art at the Turn of the Century
Certificate - Writing a scientific research article
Certificate – Impressionism
Certificate - Introduction to Islamic Art: Create Biomorphic Patterns
Certificate - Icon painting course
Certificate - Draw Islamic Geometric Patterns With a Compass And Ruler
Certificate - Handmade Binding without Stitches taught by Susana Dominguez Martin (Artistic Bookbinder), 2017 National Prize - Best Artistic Binding, Spanish Ministry of Culture.
Certificate - Bookbinding of Your Artwork without Folds taught by Susana Dominguez Martin (Artistic Bookbinder), 2017 National Prize -Best Artistic Binding, Spanish Ministry of Culture